Who We Are

The Open Floor Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The Open Floor Society has been formed to create opportunities for the learning and practice of multi-cultural music and dance, with emphasis on improvisation, for the youth of the Los Angeles metro area who would not otherwise have access to these arts. In many parts of the world music and dance culture are part of everyday life; in the United States often there is little emphasis on the importance of education in music and dance as a tool for amplifying general education while forming more well-rounded individuals. We seek to bridge this gap.

The Open Floor Society means to amplify the already documented benefits of music and dance education by adding the powerful element of improvisation. This, combined with a network of enthusiastic and knowledgeable artist professionals, along with our own personal experience as artists, The Open Floor Society is primed to become an organization that is the driving force for making access, exposure and experience for youth more ubiquitous.