The Open Floor Society plans to bring more free programming to local schools, community organizations and new partnerships in the near future. If you would like THE OPEN FLOOR SOCIETY to get involved with your youth, contact us at openfloorsociety@gmail.com.


Our workshops serve as an introduction into the art of improvisation and engages youth in the conversation between music and dance.

Taught by a combination of music and dance instructors of different genres, students will witness a brief exhibition, discover the origins of each craft, learn basic techniques in movement and music, and participate in a “jam-session” with the instructors. Our genres and techniques have included salsa, capoeira, tango, swing, breakdancing, contemporary, tap, jazz, latin, rock, singing, percussion, and we are always incorporating more!

4-Week Series

This 4-Week Series is a more elaborate version of the workshop and offers deeper exploration and understanding of improvisation-based music and dance education with the added opportunity for participants to demonstrate their abilities through performance.

Mini “Floor” Exhibition

Inspired by The Floor Improv Night, the Mini “Floor” Exhibition is a jam-session lead by professional musicians and dancers who share their talents and encourage youth to participate. This exposes youth to a variety of genres, collaboration and provides them an opportunity to develop confidence in themselves and their talents while learning new techniques and skills in a nurturing environment.

School Assembly Performances

School Assembly Performances bring our diverse group of professional dancers and musicians directly to schools to expose youth to the art of improvisation through demonstration and narratives about the history and cultural backgrounds of each genre. A short Q&A session with the performers will follow.

After-School Program

The After School Program works in tandem with the school year, providing an extensive version of our programming, for more in-depth education in techniques, genres and improvisational skills.

Participants will be challenged to learn new skills in a social setting and guided to find their own unique voice. This builds problem-solving skills, positive social interactions, respect and understanding for each other and other cultures, and strengthens self-confidence.

Mentorship Program

Our Mentorship Program will offer youth, ages 12 – 18, a one-on-one relationship with a music or dance mentor to further their improvisation education in the genre that interests them most. The primary focus of the Mentorship Program is to foster positive relationships between caring adults and at-risk students that offer support, guidance, and friendship which can be a key factor in motivating students to stay in school and perform successfully in and out of school.

School Curriculum Program

The goal of the school curriculum program is to work in collaboration with educational institutions to incorporate improvisation-based music and dance education with general education to enhance learning and comprehension in both fields, promote first-hand application, and foster self-empowerment, problem-solving, social skills and cultural awareness.