There is much evidence that learning in the arts helps develop habits that will support other disciplines, and that it can often reach at-risk youth when other disciplines cannot. The arts provide youth with authentic learning experiences that engage their minds, hearts, and bodies. Arts education helps students learn; it can enhance creativity, self- discipline, and the skills and confidence necessary to meet the challenges encountered during their lives.

The Open Floor Society means to amplify the already documented benefits of music and dance education by adding the powerful element of improvisation. We offer our programs free of charge to make them accessible to all young people, particularly for those where such activities are not a part of their educational or community life.

Drawing on the diverse, collective network of performing artists and dedicated teachers involved in Floor Productions, The Open Floor Society has developed a series of workshops, classes, after-school programs, showcase performances, and a mentorship program to introduce and engage young people in the improvisational conversation between music and dance.